Garden Egg Leaf: 8 Miraculous Health Benefits for Africans

Health Benefits-on-Eating-Garden-Egg-LeavesAfrica has been blessed with so many natural resources, that has made the continent enjoy so many health benefits. It is difficult to talk about the garden egg leaf without mentioning the Garden egg itself. The Garden egg (Solanum melongena), is an unusual kind of vegetable with so much minerals and vitamins that makes it an irresistible vegetable.

The Garden Egg is the fruit of the plant while the Leave also has its own great benefits. Somewhere in the western part of Nigeria, it is used in the preparation of Vegetable stews and yam dishes and it is locally known as akwụkwọ aṅara and efo in the Eastern part of Nigeria.

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The fruits of this plant aren’t just beneficial; here are some health benefits of the leaves as well

  1. Blood

Plants with high amount of chlorophyll supply the body with a reasonable amount of blood. Anemic patients are being given the Garden egg leaf to increase the quantity of blood in their body. This is one of the vital health benefits of consuming the Garden Egg leaves.

  1. Detoxification

As we already know, the Kidney is the body’s detoxifying machine. The liver receives deposits of toxins from the body on itself, therefore it also calls for attention that the liver should find a way to remove these deposits entirely out of the body system. With the aid of the Garden egg leaf, the Kidney is being restored and ready for more action. This goes a long way to preventing liver failure.

  1. Skin Health

High intake of this leaf helps to speed up wound healing, and protects the skin. It enriches the blood with white and red blood cells that improve blood clotting.

  1. Anti-cancer

With the high level of Chlorophyll on this leaf, it makes it possible to block carcinogenic effects within the body and protects DNA from damage caused by toxins.

  1. Ulcer patients

Ulcer patients have proven that the garden leaf soothes and relieves their pain. The Garden Leaf when taken consistently has the ability to heal Vascular and Pressure Ulcer.

  1. Body Odour

Body odour comes as a result of toxins in the body, therefore as a detoxifier, it doesn’t only help to improve the quality of the skin it also reduces and remove body odour.

  1. Pregnant women

Babies need minerals and lots of vitamins for adequate formation. A handful of Garden egg leaf on regular basis will guaranty a healthy baby formation. This could be eaten raw.

  1. Obesity

Garden egg leaf acts as fibre, just like the Garden egg itself, and it wards of Bad cholesterol in the body and makes your body to utilize all vitamins and mineral intake.

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There are lots of Benefits that come with consuming the garden egg leaf, so think of how to fuse this vegetable into your daily diet and do your body some good. Don’t forget to wash thoroughly with salt.  Feel free to comment and share this information. Information is Key.




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