Free Piano Lessons Online for Adult Beginners

Piano lessons online is an opportunity to learn the piano in a simplified manner from your comfort zone. Whenever a student expresses interest in learning the piano, there are lots of common questions I receive, and of course these questions vary (different teachers receiving different questions).  Here are some questions I get from students and my short answers.

Piano Lessons Online ( Frequently Asked Questions)


1. What are the things I need to learn a piano?

Well, for you to learn a piano, you definitely need a piano of your own, a tutor (whether online or offline), and a well arranged time table to allow you practice and learn.


2. Is it possible to learn an instrument online?

The answer to this question is definitely yes, but you need to be very passionate and communicate effectively with the online instruction. Get in touch with him/her via emails or videos. You should because you might not be the only one learning online.


3. After the Piano Lessons online would I play as good as Beethoven?

Hahahaha , if playing like Beethoven is the best you want to be, then it is up to you. Your commitment and love for the instrument will determine how far you would go with your playing skills. You need to have passion for the instrument and commit to it.


4. What type of music to you teach?

The most important thing about learning musical musical instruments is the knowledge of the basics. That is what this program is going to offer, basics for adults who would love to learn the piano at home. As the program proceeds, students choose the type of music they want to specialize on. Everyone has his/her reason of learning a piano, most would say “just for personal pleasure“.



5. What kind of piano or keyboard would i need?

if you cant afford a piano, then look for a keyboard that would allow you play with your 10 fingers comfortably a four or five octave keyboard¬†wouldn’t be bad. (octave means 8 notes, count the 8 white notes of your keyboard as a set, if you get four sets, that is four octave).


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