Facial Hair Tips : Grow Beards Naturally │Eat Food Supplements

Just as so many of us dream of riding nice cars, owning private jets, and touring the world with one particular person we love, so many people dream of growing a thick, and full stylish beards, ranging from the mustache to goatee. However, most people who aspire to acquire such dreams either don’t have it naturally in them to have such beards or even have beards at all or they don’t know how to grow beards naturally.


The bad news about growing beards is, you can’t alter you gene , but the good news is there are several ways you could encourage your the facial hair growth and grow thick beards. You could grow beards naturally or with the use of methods which will be revealed  in this article.


Keep in mind that everything in life (even growing beards) need to commitment to be successful. This mean you would start taking god care of your skin and body. You will be amazed at the amount of information you are about to acquire. First and foremost, the key ingredient you will need to grow beards naturally is PATIENCE.


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Tips on how to grow beards naturally with a lasting result

1. Time Factor

If you have been trying to grow facial beards without positive results, you might be surprised to hear that the main cause of your failure is lack of time. Beards could take up to four weeks and more to fully grow out. If keeping hairy face isn’t your thing, you might run out of patience and start thinking of shaving, especially when the hairs start growing scantily.

  • Many people will also run our of patience and give up on how to grow beards naturally. You need to be committed, and keep trying for weeks even months for the desired result you seek. Beards do not grow overnight.
  • Do not shave your beards because they are starting look rough or because of itches, people will complain, but on the long run, they will get used to it. Look out for good steroid creams like hydro-cortisone it could prevent itching.

Facial Hair Tips : Grow Beards Naturally │Eat Food Supplements


2. Free the beards

At this moment , it is not advisable to start trimming, shaping or carving your beards. Allow the beards to grow the way it feels like growing. In-fact, just forget about your facial hair. Carving your beards could still lead to reduction of the amount of facial hair inadvertently.

  • Just keep combing it in the direction you desire.
  • If you must go to a barber for proper carving, do not forget to tell him that you are growing your beards, don’t be shy about it.
  • Try out beard oil : Beard oil fertilizes underneath of the beards. It moisturizes it and also acts as a styling agent. There are lots of beards oil, to check out for. Make sure to wash face before application. Preferably apply
    after your morning bath. Beard oil also makes you smell great. Check out your local stores and supermarkets for oil beards.

Facial Hair Tips : Grow Beards Naturally │Eat Food Supplements

3. Use Supplements

Supplements could provide the body with some nutrients that could enhance beard growth naturally. However, you must take cognizance of what you are allergic to. On the other hand, get a advice from your doctor. Here are some supplements you could try.

  • Folic Acid : Encourages thicker hair. This could be obtained in whole-grain breads and cereals, even leafy green vegetables, peas, and nuts.
  • Biotin : The water soluble B-vitamin helps in the formulation of fatty acids and glucose and metabolizing amino acids and carbohydrates. Lack of biotin results to hair loss. Biotin could be obtained by eating the following : beans, bananas, carrots, egg yolks, cereals, yeasts and lots more other foods.

Facial Hair Tips : Grow Beards Naturally │Eat Food Supplements


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