Facebook CEO (Latest)- Did you know Mark’s T-Shirt Costs N150000

Facebook ceo mark zuckerbergs tshirtsThe Riddler: I’m a human, I love wearing grey t-shirt, blue hoodies, jeans and nikes, Who am I?
Answer : Mark Zuckerberg Facebook CEO.

Obviously, the Facebook CEO and Forbes 2017 5th, richest man in the world, is one multi billionaire we all have perceived as being the most simple and modestly dressed.


Mark Zuckerberg, who is Facebook CEO, Whatsapp and Instagram CEO, is known world wide for being in this simple attire. (Grey t-shirts, hoodie jeans and Nikes). He has a closet full of grey t-shirts.


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Facebook ceo mark zuckerbergs tshirts


During his last visit to Nigeria, Mark shocked every one with his simplicity and dress sense. He was being compared to
the so -called “high class” of the society, who would parade about with lots of jewelries hanging around their body, designer shoes, flashy shirts and lots more, oh!!!…did I forget to mention Police escorts? Surprisingly, Mark Zuckerberg’s simple dress sense knows no modesty. Those t-shirts are nothing close to the “cheap“.


Mark’s T-shirts are customized by Brunell Cucinelli. He orders them in bulk so he could buy at the rate of $400 as against $700. Brunello Cucinelli is an eponymous Italian fashion brand retailing menswear, women’s wear and accessories across Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, the United States, France, Germany, Austria, Canada, China and Japan.


Zuckerberg once told The Guardian he choose to wear grey t-shirts everyday because he won’t spend any of his energy on things that are “silly or frivolous” and would rather not spend time thinking through what to wear every morning. Indeed his dress style neither silly nor frivolous, but they are simple and obviously not an average or cheap t-shirt.


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Here are facts you should know about Facebook CEO and his Tees (T-shirt).


1, The Facebook CEO doesn’t wear any old plain grey Hanes t-shirt.

2. His t-shirts are specially ordered by Brunello Cucinelli and they cost between $300 and $400. (This is about 125000 Nigerian Naira and 228 British pounds).

3. Currently the replica of his shirt is now being sold for about $46 (about 15000 Naira). Wow… But, the good news about the sale of Mark’s t-shirt replica is ; all profits go to the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, a philanthropic company funded by the Facebook fortune that sometimes invests in startups.


4. Mark’s shirt has the following specifications:

  • Fabric 100% mercerized combed cotton, Made in Italy (extra soft).
  • Weight 180g per m² (20% more than industry standard).
  • Color zucker-grey tones, melange.
  • Stitching double-stitched with PEGASUS EX3215-03 Serger.


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As simple as the Facebook CEO looks, he is still very classy.

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