Did You Know ? – 8 Facts About S3x, Love, Relationships

Did you know ? Sometimes, the most difficult things in life are the truth and what seems to be the best thing for us. But the easiest things in life tend to be the wrong once and very detrimental. It’s just man’s nature to deviate and ignore reality, but with time, life’s lessons catch up and takes its pound of flesh. Here are some wrong impressions about S3x, Love and relationship we need to correct.

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Did you know facts about Love, S3x and Relationship :

  • Did you Know ? If you commit abortion, you are just a mother of a dead baby.
  • S3x before Marriage is a big killer disease> You might think it’s the only option to keep your relationship but, if he/she is just using you for fun then you will be left sooner or later unless they change their mind.
  • Did you Know ? The amount of s3x partners you have only makes you exhibit the level of your ignorance.
  • Did you know ? Age has a lot of role in giving experience, experience sometimes shows the level of your maturity, and Marriage is meant only for matured couples.
  • Did you Know? Fornication makes one loose focus, integrity and self respect, most times they don’t really go far in life be it in career, business and academics.
  • Do you also know that Masturbation means you are not in charge of your life, something else is in charge…you know what i mean.
  • Homosexuality simply means trying to prove God wrong.
  • Self control means simply means being in charge.



Its Never too late to be in control, everything has time S3X inclusive, as for those being in a relationship just for fun, then somewhere ...something is wrong. I bet you didn’t know.

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