Detox Your Body : How to Detox Your Body Naturally This Festive Season


Detox Your Body : How to Detox your Body this Festive Season

The Christmas and New year festivals have always been a great time friends, relations and family look forward to celebrating. The period comes with lost of dinning and feasting, therefore, to be able to keep up with the merriment, there is absolute need to detox your body. There are lots of ways to detox your body naturally.

Detoxing your body makes you look smart and healthy, it is quite beneficial and helps to improve your activities and even your self confidence. However, before we go into how to detox your body naturally and ways to go about it, lets understand what detoxification really means;


Detoxification simply means cleansing the internal organs of the body from abnormalities resulting from poisons, harmful bacteria, environmental pollutants, and even substances like, medications, drugs, alcohol etc.

For the human body to be in perfect condition, it has to eject the unwanted materials in the internal system. Organs that play vital role in detoxification include the followings; skin, lungs, liver, lymph glands and the colon.

Ways to Detox Your Body

1. Detox your body through exercise

One of the best ways to stay healthy is to inculcate the habit of exercise. Exercise helps to burn calories, makes your breathe normally, makes the muscle strong. You can detox your body with exercise. It is easy to detox your body while exercising because, it helps you to breathe and most importantly sweat.

However, it is advised that you drink lots of water when you want to detox your body to enable the skin sweat and also aid the kidney to effectively filter toxins. With the increased water intake, increased heart rate and breathing rate (as a result of exercise), the body will effectively flush out toxins and wastes.

Detox Your Body : How to Detox your Body this Festive Season

Engage in some of these exercises to detox your body are; walking, cycling, dancing, swimming and running. Yoga is an exercise for both the body and mind, it could be a perfect exercise to detox your body.

2. Special Diet to Detox your Body

Some schools of thought believe that dieting is one of the best way to detox your body. However, processed foods could pose a great deal of danger in the internal system. Even though it is difficult to break away from such this festive season.

Place yourself on blended fruits and/or even vegetables alone for at-least two days. Try soothing your taste with smoothie or probiotic yogurt. However, cut down on the red meat, go for chicken or fish.
Don’t let your diet make you loose out on the fun this period.

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3. Water and Tea

The festive period is a period of excessive consumption of alcohol, most people would even engage in drinking competitions, so as to keep the fun going. However, after the excessive consumption of alcohol, you could learn how to detox your body from alcohol naturally.

Now, it might sound funny to know that you could use water to detox your body of alcohol. All you need to do is, begin your day with a cup or glass of warm water, and fresh lemon juice. (You could achieve the lemon juice by slicing half the lemon and putting it into the glass of warm water or squeezing out the juice out of the lemon).

Detox Your Body : How to Detox your Body this Festive Season

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This has proven to be one of the best way to detoxify your body naturally, and if you are looking for how to detoxify your body of alcohol, then this is the first step to take. However, once you have decided to detox your body of alcohol you should definitely avoid taking alcohol, for the meantime.

Another alternative is to swap your morning cup of tea or coffee for green tea. With the high amount of antioxidants in the green tea, your body will thank you for coming to its rescue.

4. Aromatherapy Oil

Using oil in your bath is another effective way to clear all the unwanted dungs in the body system. However, if you wish to use aromatherapy oils to detox your body, you should get ready to inculcate it in your daily schedule. it is not a one-time activity. We come in contact with toxins all the time therefore, it is important we detox our body all the time.

Here are four essential oils that would give you the effective detoxification result if you want to detox your body with aromatherapy oil.

1. Lemon Myrtle – Backhousia citrata (90-98% citral)

2. Lemongrass – Cymbopogon citratus (75-85%)

3. Lemon Teatree – Leptospermum citratum from Australia (80%)

4. May Chang – Litsea cubeba (65-74%)

Application: Add 5-6 drops of citral-rich oils to your water bath for an aromatic detox. However, make sure to patch test any of the oils that you haven’t used in the past.

Other essential oils you could use are; lemon, clove, rosemary, Mint family, Nees & Mart etc.

Detoxification is neither a one-time thing, nor only for festive seasons. We come in contact with toxins always. We need to to detoxify our body always.

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