DAAD: Join International Students to Study in Germany for Free (Daad.de)


DAAD: Join International Students to Study in Germany for Free (Daad.de)

If you are looking forward to studying in Germany, I mean, if you wish to study in Germany for free or at little or no cost, then the Daad official website is all you need.

With this organisation (DAAD) that has the world’s largest funding for international students, you will be able to find schools that best suits you, your financial strength and your academic performance.

Also, Daad.de is aimed at assisting countries especially developing countries in making decisions with regards to culture, education and development policies.

Reasons International Students Study in Germany Daad (Daad.de)

DAAD: Join International Students to Study in Germany for Free (Daad.de)

Germany is known for its high quality educational system which help students advance in their career. Studying in Germany has lots of benefits ranging from meeting with people of different cultures, learning new language, and making quality contacts.

On the Daad.de official website, prospective students will be able to access hundreds of universities in Germany that have free tuition or very low-tuition fee. There are also programs specific for just international students.

Moreover, it doesn’t really matter if you want to study  agriculture, architecture, engineering, business etc. There is always a place for you in Germany. Below are some of the reasons why international students choose to study in Germany:

1. Affordable cost of living which is about 700-800€  (This includes food, transport, rent, health insurance, telephone/internet, study materials, and leisure)

2. International students enjoy very low Tuition Fees or Free tuition fees in a highly ranked German university

3. Germany has very high quality educational system

4. Mingling with other international students of different cultures

5. Study in English without prior knowledge of  German language

6. Beautiful graduate life with work opportunities

7. Awesome place for tourism with mind blowing history (Studying in Germany is fun)

8. International students also have the opportunity to learn and speak fluently, both English and German

These are only but only a few reasons why, young people (international students) all over the world choose to study in Germany.

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Study in Germany Daad Requirements for International Students

Daad.de isn’t a website for only international students, there are also lots of information for German students as well. However, the requirements for studying in Germany for international students vary  with universities, courses, and the program they wish to study in Germany (Undergraduate or Post graduate programs).

However, International students who wish to study for postgraduate programs would need the following;

i. Official School Transcripts

ii. Certificates of attained degrees

iii. High school or secondary school certificate

iv. Letter of motivation or thesis

v. Proof of English language ( For courses taught in English)

vi. Recommendation letters (mostly from academicians who can attest to your academic performance and behavior during your school days).

The official language on the Daad.de website is German. International students who are able to understand deutsch would find the Daad.de website very fascinating. However, if you do not understand German, you could translate the website’s language to English.

Courses found on the Daad website are either taught in English or in German. Therefore, it would be nice to pay attention to details while applying for any course on the Daad. de website.

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DAAD: Choose your Preferred Course on Daad.de Website (International Students)

Daad.de website provides students with information on their dream courses and schools. Interested applicants are to get ready and prepare for application with the information got through the normal application process of the selected school.

On the Daad.de website prospective international students who wish to study in Germany will also be able to have an overview of the program and access vital information such as, application requirements, course details, cost and funding and lots more.

Follow the steps below to find the International programmes in Germany 2018

Step 1. Click here to navigate to the official Daad.de website or type www.daad.de on your browser’s search bar and hit the enter button.

Step 2. Change the website’s language to English (if you don’t understand the default language). Click on “English”.

DAAD: Join International Students to Study in Germany for Free (Daad.de)

Step 3. Hover over the Information for Foreigners>Select and click on “International study programmes”.

DAAD: Join International Students to Study in Germany for Free (Daad.de)

Step 4. Choose one of the International progammes in Germany 2018. Narrow down your section with the criteria on the right side of the page;

DAAD: Join International Students to Study in Germany for Free (Daad.de)

i. Type in the keyword

ii. Select Degree level

iii. Select your type of learning

iv. Select “field of study”

v. Course language

vi. Location.

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Peruse through the search results available. Pay attention to the tuition fee: Section. Courses with “Tuition fee – none”, are courses International students could study in Germany for free.

DAAD: Join International Students to Study in Germany for Free (Daad.de)

Some courses also have very low tuition fee while others have varied amounts. Select the course that best fits you by clicking on it.

With the DAAD.DE website, International students who wish to study in Germany able to get an overview of the courses they wish to apply for: course details, cost/funding, requirements, services and more.

Having all the required documents, international students on the daad.de website also have access to submit your applications or contact their school directly with respect to the application guidelines and procedures.

Join other international students today, study in Germany for free. Studying in Germany is a lifetime experience you will never forget.

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DAAD: Join International Students to Study in Germany for Free (Daad.de)

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