Coconut Oil / Saturated Fat : Can ‘good’ Cholesterol be High

Health wise, we  know that saturated fat very is unhealthy and it contains cholesterol that is the major cause of heart disease. Well, time has changed, researchers have gone deeper to making more findings about the saturated fats and cholesterol to help decipher and know if anything good could come out from saturated fats and cholesterol. Especially the coconut oil / saturated fat.


Coconut Oil / Saturated Fat : Can 'good' Cholesterol be High

Different camps have sprouted with this ongoing research, there is camp “those who believe it is a panacea to so many ailments”, there is camp, “those who feel it is healthy but doesn’t worth the hype”, and also the camp “Nay-Nay which has lots of health backing on this“. This camp also seem to be dominating unfortunately.



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Well if you must know, coconut contains fat that gets you less fat. The saturated fatty substance taste delicious too and without the butter feeling, and it also smells real good.  Despite the fact that health researchers have won the attention of the Nay group, we should all know that not all saturated fat is bad for consumption.



Unprocessed saturated fats are important part of a healthy diet, it should be consumed. As a matter of fact the saturated coconut oil has health benefits with regards to the heart, brain, immune system, and even the skin.



With the coconut oil rich in lauric acid, our bodies are protected from some viral and bacterial activities when it (the body) converts it (lauric acid) to monolaurine. This special agent also has antiprotozoa properties. Coconut oil is also rich in capric acid, which is antimicrobial and could help help protect from infections.



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Few Benefits of coconut oil


  • Coconut oil has the ability to stimulate the body metabolism thereby helping people who are overweight. This will be very useful in the United States which still have about 50% overweight people.



  • Coconut oil is also been used by professional massage therapists to knead away tight stressed muscles. All the same you mustn’t have the technical know how of a masseuse the use the coconut oil. Add the coconut oil in your cream and it would do the magic. It protects the skin from aging, and it could improve the appearance of the skin.



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Natural Saturated Fats and Artificial Saturated Fats


Clearly there there is a lot of confusion and contradiction on this subject. However, we need to know that all saturated fats does not and will not have the same components. It is also very important also to know that, there are artificially created saturated fats( this could be achieved through hydrogenation, and there are also natural saturated fats Just like the coconut oil saturated fat.



Achieving rancid fats by hydrogenation is simply done by the addition hydrogen atoms (by scientists) into the oil while eating. Most times this is used to elongate food shelf life. Now this is the saturated fat you should run away from,



This article is not trying to emphatically say, “coconut oil/ saturated fat is 100% healthy or it is not good for consumption“. However, you need to know that it has it’s own health benefits and should not be seen as poison unlike the artificial saturated fats, However, it wouldn’t be such a good idea to stick to the coconut oil Have a mixture of other good oils like the olive oil, and grape-seed oil.



Fact to remember :  Coconut oil will not kill you, but stress will definitely kill you. Do not stress yourself so much worrying about everything the food industry says, infact do not get obsessed with food industry news. They are very helpful, but, be careful . Most times all we need to do to stay healthy are very little things we ignore. Things like :  drinking lots of water also do not forget naturally saturated fat does not cause heart problems. and conscious exercises

  • Lastly Coconut oil /Saturated Fat is not poison nevertheless, anything we take in excess could be harmful.



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