Blow the Whistle: Facts you Should know about the program

Blow the whistle : facts you should knowThe Federal Government’s recently launched program has encouraged citizens who aren’t satisfied with the financial crimes around them to report for investigation. This program also has benefits and incentives; citizens of Nigeria are getting paid as a reward of such vital information. It is a call to Nigerian citizens to help eradicate corruption. Blow the whistle and alert the Government.

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It has also been made clear that such crimes reported must be an offence to the Nigerian government (violation of financial regulations, misappropriation of public funds and assets, financial malpractice, fraud and theft of public assets). Therefore before you blow the whistle, get your facts and figures ready and accurate.

This program doesn’t only make the Nigerian Government competent, but also engages its citizens to put hands together in dragging down corruption to the mud. But before you start blowing your whistle there are some things you need to know.


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Here are facts you should know before you blow the Whistle


  1. Appropriate Media

This program deals with anonymity and a high level of security. This is why appropriate channels have been created for informants to give their information without been disclosed. You can call on phone (09098067946) or visit the official whistle blowing Portal  or email them( You could even submit your information or even tips and tactics to net more offenders.


  1. Concrete Information

The information to be given has to be very true, authentic and substantial. While reporting, do well to submit date, place of occurrence and person involved.


  1. FG’s Protection commitment

The FG has asked reporters to make reports based on good faith and love for the country and not out of malice or grievance so as to get back at a party. It shouldn’t be out of personal gains. Therefore the Federal Government has made serious provisions for whistle blowers who feel they are in danger as a result of information they provided. You are in Safe Hands.

Please keep in mind that you will be fully a part of the process by monitoring the status of reports you have given.


  1. Investigation process

After your report has been submitted, investigation takes over under the Presidential Initiative on Continuous Audit (PICA). Within ten working days, the report will be analyzed to determine if it is worth anything. The whistle blower will still be briefed on the outcome.


  1. Getting Paid

Now this is the good part, once your information leads to the recovery of funds and assets, be rest assured that you will be rewarded according to the reward scheme. This is 2.5% and 5% respectively against total amount recovered.

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Note: It is obvious and typical of humans to look for a way to thwart this process or even play some tricks so as to get paid. However, the Federal Government of Nigeria has made it clear that misleading information and speculations will not attract any reward, but will also attract thorough investigation on the reporter also abuse of this program is a serious offence and will attract possible prosecution by law enforcement agencies.

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