Biafra : Nnamdi Kanu Storms Owerri – Millions Follow

Biafra : Nnamdi Kanu Storms Owerri - Millions FollowYou will be amazed at the event that took place in Owerri, Imo State Nigeria today being the 28th of July. The town was painted Red, Black, Green and Yellow. At first, it seemed as if, Imo state was an independent country, inside Nigeria.
People came out in Mass, and of course it is reported that the number wasn’t just from Imolites alone. Pro-Biafra surpotters
from other South eastern states in Nigeria stormed Owerri in their numbers. Biafran hats of different shapes and styles were exhibited. Biafran Flags were flying across the streets. Not to over exagerate, Pro-Biafra Supporters came in Millions to welcome the IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu to Owerri.


There is a popular saying in south eastern part of Nigeria “Igbo enweghi eze“; meaning the Igbos as a tribe have no leader. However, the actions witnessed today seemed to contradict that saying for a moment. Somewhere in Imo State known as Wetheral Junction; an eye witness said the Pro-Biafra supporters took over the duties of the road safety. They actually blocked a part of the road by holding each others hands. They seemed like statues on “black” were used as road barricades (they were carrying back pack bags too). While this happened, they had almost 10 traffic pro-Biafra Surpoters, who were acting as traffic wardens. With this, they maintained “free movement” for people going about their personal businesses.


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The Radio Biafra in one of their statement said, the IPOB Leader’s visit to Owerri is not for campaign, show man-ship or courtesy visit to the Imo Governor rather, it is geared towards the restoration of the Biafra Nation. Now the question is, after all these activities what next? Now we heard pro-Biafrans in Imo State chanting, “No Biafra, No Election”. What would happen to Nigeria if this agitation gets to the level of stopping the Country’s electoral process?


Moreover, IPOB have assumed that Nigeria as a country can never be united; this is as a result of the total rejection of restructuring of the country by members of the Senate. Emma Powerful, who is the spokesman of the group proves the legitimacy of IPOB, and that they really understand the plight of the masses.  As it stands, this group doesn’t in anyway
want any matrimonial interaction with the country Nigeria. They are no longer interested in the restructuring of Nigeria. They believe that only a referendum can resolve the issue of Biafra.


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Keep in mind that sometime ago it was rumored that Biafra Referendum is to be held on July 21, 2017. This news was shared on Facebook by the Indigenous People of Biafra (or IPOB for short) representative in the US, Candy Stallworth. 21st July has come and gone, Candy is now insinuating that the new date is 12 September. Our fingers are crossed and we look forward to how this Biafra agitation issue will be resolved.


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