Activated Charcoal Uses: Benefits of Activated Charcoal – What is Activated Charcoal?


Activated Charcoal Uses: Benefits of Activated Charcoal - What is Activated Charcoal?

Most people see charcoal as a domestic waste product, well, it could actually be messy and it is a bye-product of burnt wood. However, charcoal has turned out to be one of the most promoted universal antidote. In this article you will learn about the benefits of activated charcoal/Activated charcoal uses and lots more.

Most of you will be wondering “What is activated Charcoal? You will get all the detailed information you need about activated charcoal: it’s benefits which ranges from whitening teeth, detoxification of alcohol in the system and even lowering cholesterol, read on.


This can be defined as black powdery substance made form wood, coconut shells, bone char, coal, sawdust, petroleum coke etc. Now, What is Activated Charcoal, and it’s difference between an ordinary charcoal?

Obviously, charcoal is activated when it is been processed at a very high temperature. The high temperatures alters the internal structure and makes the charcoal more porous ( unlike the normal charcoal).

However, the charcoal used to light your barbecue is the Charcoal briquettes. That is not activated charcoal. (Charcoal briquettes are not activated and they could also contain toxic substances harmful to humans).

So, if you are asked, What is activated Charcoal? you will be able to know that it is a porous charcoal that has been processed in high temperature. Once more, the charcoal for barbecuing isn’t activated even though it has a porous texture.

That being said let’s take a look at some ACTIVATED CHARCOAL USES/ BENEFITS OF ACTIVATED CHARCOAL.

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9 Benefits of Activated Charcoal you never Knew / Activated Charcoal Uses

1. Odor Prevention

Do you know someone who has an unpleasant odor, or someone suffering from trimethylaminuria (TMAU) (otherwise known as fish odor syndrome), prescribe activated charcoal. This genetic condition makes them have a similar smell to a rotten fish.

This occurs when trimethylamine (TMA) are unable to be converted into a non-smelly compound before excreting it in urine. Activated Charcoal can be used to reduce the fish odor syndrome. Just prepare a powder out of activated charcoal & use.

Also, when you wear shoes without socks for a long time, it tends to smell bad right? Get some activated charcoal into your shoes and it does the magic. Charcoal is a powerful odor neutralizer.

2. Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening

Activated Charcoal Uses: Benefits of Activated Charcoal - What is Activated Charcoal?

This seems to be one of the most natural ways of teeth whitening. Activated charcoal use for teeth whitening, although has no studies to back this fact up yet, still works out for lots of people. However, it is not a one time use thing.

Activated Charcoal teeth whitening action is said to absorb the plaque and other substances that stain the teeth. Well, if it worked for some people, it could work for you too. Just dip your tooth brush in water and add a layer of powdery activated charcoal, then brush then brush and brush, brush again and rinse your mouth well with water.

Well, I guess you aren’t used to having that kind of taste in your mouth, so use your favorite tooth paste and brush to leave that minty fresh breath. Try this for weeks lets see how it goes.

Activated Charcoal Uses: Benefits of Activated Charcoal - What is Activated Charcoal?

3. Detoxification

Activated Charcoal can be used to cure hangover and detox you of alcohol. However, if you wish to use the charcoal to detox yourself of alcohol, stay off alcohol for sometime. Meanwhile, if it is just to cure a hangover, then make a smooth solution of activated charcoal and drink.

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4. Skin Treatment and Wound Treatment

Making a face mask out of activated charcoal is an awesome way to cure yourself of pimples, acne, or any skin disease. This also gives a smooth face result.  However, you could add some ingredients into your activated charcoal powder for more effects.

If you have access to bentonite clay powder, mix 1/2 teaspoon of bentonite clay with a 1/2 teaspoon of activated charcoal powder and a bit of water to form paste. Apply this paste-like substance on your face, avoiding the eyes.

Activated Charcoal Uses: Benefits of Activated Charcoal - What is Activated Charcoal?

Lay back and relax until the mixture drys on your face. Use a wet piece of cloth and your favorite facial cleanser to wipe your face.

5. Water Filtration

This particular aspect has been scientifically proven. The use of activated charcoal to reduce heavy metals and fluoride content in water is no longer a new innovation. However, it doesn’t seem to kill viruses and bacterial in the water. All you need to do is drop some amount of charcoal into the water. This may change the colour of the water, but, this is very safe to drink.

6. Gas Reduction:

It is said that activated charcoal help to improve the odour of the gas.

7. Preservation of soup and vegetable

Has your soup gone bad? Put it back on fire and drop some piece of charcoal in it. Activated charcoal extracts all the bad taste & smell and restores the fresh state of the soup.

You could also preserve your vegetables and make them fresh for a long time by making a solution of activated charcoal and leave the vegetables in them.

8. Getting Rid of a Bloated Stomach/ Bad Cholesterol

Drink a solution of activated charcoal to get rid of bloated tummy. This also gets rid of bad cholesterol stored in the body.

Activated Charcoal Uses: Benefits of Activated Charcoal - What is Activated Charcoal?

9. Ulcer treatment

Activated charcoal could also give a soothing relieve to Ulcer patience. Make it a habit to chew on activated charcoal as often as possible.

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Activated Charcoal Uses: How it Works

Activated charcoal has a way of trapping toxins and chemicals and prevents further absorption in the system. With it’s porous texture, the charcoal becomes negatively charged thereby attracting positively charged molecules like toxins, gases etc. Activated charcoal is not absorbed by the body. This is why it carries toxins out in of the body in feces.

In conclusion, there are lots of other healthy domestic activated charcoal uses, but the only ones that have scientific back ups are the gas reduction and the water filtration.

Feel free to drop a comment or questions for more inquiries about activated charcoal uses at the comment box section below. This information will benefit a lot of people, share it on social media using the share buttons below.


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