9 Signs of Healthy Relationships : Do Not Ignore

There are no relationships that are the same. There is also no set rule or formula to ensure you have a healthy relationship. However, it is not wrong to say people could have a healthy relationship.

Healthy relationships, are simply a relationships you are very comfortable with, you are proud of, and definitely , they are the kind of relationships you wouldn’t want to let go.

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Almost sounding like a fairy tale lol… But the truth still remains that, there is no perfect relationship. It is up to you to make your relationship what you want it to be. Of cause it is a two way thing.

Just as was mentioned above, there are no specific methods of actualizing healthy relationships but, there are key characteristics of healthy relationships . Here are some model characteristics you could use as  a yardstick.

Key Characteristics of Healthy Relationships

healthy relationships tips

1. Support

Now, most of you might think this characteristics is about financial support. Well, it is still a very important factor (finance), but right now we are talking about emotions.

Now, take for instance; you have a project. You are very excited about it and you have been discussing this project with your partner. Even how beneficial it could be to you and your relationship.

Eventually, you start this project, and your partner gives little or no attention to what you are doing…Quite hurting. Your partner should be interested in virtually everything you do.

Just a little concern would do the magic. It is a terrible world out there, after the day’s hassle , you should find refuge in your partner.

That should be your safe zone. There should be a very high level of connection. #Chemistry#.

2. Trust

Trust is a two sided coined in every relationship. You cannot be trusted if, you don’t give someone a reason that you could be trusted. Trust is earned. It doesn’t just happen. Now on the other side of the coin, you should know that you are dating a human.

Therefore you need to overlook plenty flaws. Make your points straight and try to give room for doubt. Most importantly, you and your partner should trust each other in times of distress and pain.

Trust your partner to be the one to alleviate your pains and make it go away. If you allow any other person or thing to play that role. Then, it is time to review the relationship.

3. Acceptance

Humans really never change. This doesn’t mean we cannot try. Most times, results aren’t really the ultimate, but the efforts in getting such results. Whichever way, you need to accept your partner for who they are, and on the other hand you need to accept the feelings of your partner for their expectations on who they want you to be.

Unfortunately, once there is no acceptance of such, expectations get high, and once this expectations aren’t met, you tend to have this taught going on in your mind “I don’t think I like my partner anymore“. Now the question is…Where did the love go?


4. Security

This is particulate for a serious or long lasting relationship. Asides from making yourselves happy, there should be set goals and ambitions a relationship to have. This could be a short term or long term goals. It could be a collective one, and it could also be a personal one. These goals shouldn’t be a treat on the relationship.

Your relationship should be secured amidst other activities. It’s quite unfortunate that people tend to copy other peoples relationships, while many others don’t have set goals of relationship.Nevertheless, you should always feel safe with activities revolving around the relationship.

5. Self Worth

Relationships are made up of individuals from different backgrounds, who like different things, who even think differently. This could bring about comparison of the individuals. This comparison could make the other want to stay off a while and start a silent battle.

A healthy relationship should be highly tolerable. Individuals shouldn’t consciously say “I think I should stay clear for a while,” or “I think I need to be with my partner”. Let if flow. It’s good you know what is best for your relationship at the moment. Things should just happen naturally.

6. High level of Intimacy

Any relationship filled with secrets definitely has a problem. Also, if at the end of the whole daily activity, you don’t have the zeal to discuss your day with your partner, rather you would be free to offload the whole event to maybe a crush or new admirer.

Definitely, the relationship is becoming sick. The level of intimacy tells you your level of maturity and bonding.

You should be able to share your deepest fears with your partner. You have to become vulnerable, you don’t need to hard or have the “I can take care of myself” attitude.

It isn’t called for. You should let your partner care and love you. However, you should also should maintain your separate personal needs. Make it known, and you will gain the right support. Humans naturally aren’t mind readers.

7. Disagreement

The way you settle your differences with your partner goes along way to tell how healthy your relationship is or not. In a relationship, if you aren’t ready to play the role of the fool then you aren’t ready to be in a relationship. You could just let go, even if you are right, just to let peace reign.

Afterwards, a calm discussion about the event could be brought up and trashed amicably. Make sure you have facts before jumping into conclusions.

8. Priority

If you are in a relationship, please endeavor to make that person rank first among your friends. This isn’t easy, and this might not really be very practical. However, try to let your partner know how important he or she is to you, and how they affect your life.

This act will gain you the trust and love and security you seek. Try to let their opinions count in matters pertaining to you. Give more of your time to your partner, when necessary.

9. Examination

As we all know, “an unexamined  life is not worth leaving“. Healthy relationships are always reviewed to evaluate their weaknesses and their strength. To build on their strength and work on their weaknesses.

As you have read through these characteristics, evaluate your relationship and know where needs to be fixed. Try to love your partner. It is never late to make your relationship a happy one. Don’t forget Love see no faults. Everything could be settled in genuine love. It takes hard work to achieve healthy relationships.

Furthermore, if you are having any problem with your relationship, because you think you have fallen in-love with another? Please…start planning to quit your current relationship. Why? This is because, if you really loved your current relationship, you wouldn’t have started loving another.

Try and make sure you have your facts and you are sure about your partner before you starting a serious relationship. Do come back for more related topics on relationship.

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