9 Amazing Reasons To Eat Garden Egg

African herbs, fruits, vegetables, roots and leaves are wonders yet to be totally unraveled. The Garden Egg (with botanical name Solanum melongena) itself is one of the vegetables that has the power of healing and sustenance for a healthy African continent. Amazing reasons to eat Garden Egg will be revealed with this article.


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Whenever I go for occasions and I happen to find myself being offered Garden egg (also called the Egg Plant), I am sure to do justice to this vegetable by not just taking one, I would surely embarrass people around me…Why??? Because I have actually neglected this fruit for a long time and it’s time to make up with Garden Egg.

Reasons-to eat Garden Egg


I am very sure that the information in this article will not only make you profess the love you have for Garden egg publicly, but it would make you inculcate the culture of keeping the Egg plant in Handy. As we are now prepared to discover the health benefits and reasons to eat  Garden Egg, the next thing to do is to find a way to fuse it into our daily intake.



The garden egg is a very good source of potassium, dietary- fibre, thiamine (Vitamin B1), copper and magnesium. Garden eggs surprisingly, have proven to be one of the healthiest vegetables you can eat. It comes in dual packages; the green and milk coloured Egg plant. Some of its nutrients include: Iron, Vitamin B6 and foliate, calcium, iron, magnesium and beta carotene.



The health benefits and reasons to eat Garden eggs cannot be over emphasized; these facts have made Garden eggs an exceptional vegetable food for our bodies. Below are some general reasons to eat garden egg that will shock you.



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Discover the Amazing Reasons to  eat Garden egg in a question and Answer format


  • Do you have Digestion issues or do you know anyone who does?

The Garden egg has the magical ability to dislodge bloating; it is very beneficial to those who normally have constipation. It ensures proper functioning of the stomach.



  • How does it relate the Blood sugar level?

Controlling the sugar level is not quite an easy task for diabetic patients who tend to always monitor their sugar level. The best gift you can give a diabetic patient right now is the Garden egg. Moreover, once intake won’t do the magic.



  • Does Garden egg Protect Vital Organs in the Body?

Kidney: The Kidney is the body’s detoxifier. Now it would be such a hectic job for the liver to detoxify the entire body and also detoxify itself. Therefore help detoxify your kidney by increased intake of Garden Egg. Protect your Kidney.



  • How do I Boost my Immune system?

Nutritionists have taken their time to analyze the nutrients of the Egg plant and have generally come to agreeable terms, that people who consume Garden eggs are less likely to fall ill, than non-consumers. It can prevent numerous throat infections. It reduces the risk of frequent headaches by suppressing the blood pressure. Eating enough Garden egg can be really good during the cold seasons. Now you don’t have any excuse not to love the Garden Egg.



  • What does Vision have to do with this topic?

There has been a preference on the colour of Garden egg to be eaten, because of the taste. It is a known fact that the cream garden egg is more bitter than the Green Garden Egg. Meanwhile, the cream coloured garden egg has the ability to prevent poor vision due to glaucoma. Do not be choosy.



  • Cardiovascular disease. How?

Garden egg provides the body with both Fat soluble vitamins and water soluble vitamins; they are rich in VIT B1. (These are required for proper functioning of the heart and Nervous system). Regular intake of Garden egg could prevent stroke.



  • Can I add Garden egg to my Weight loss Program?

Fibre does not only aid in quick digestion in the body system, it also gives the body a feel of satisfaction and saturation. It also reduces the consumption of other high calories option. Yes, Garden egg with its high level of fibre is a perfect food/vegetable that should be added to any weight loss program.



  • Have you seen any pregnant woman?

It would be very difficult to summarize the benefits of eating Garden egg without mentioning pregnant women. The vitamins, minerals and nutrients contained in the garden egg would help the pregnant women to retain a high amount of nutrients and vitamins as babies are known to take much of the useful nutrients. It makes them look good, healthier and more beautiful in their condition. So, if you know or you have seen any pregnant woman…? Go get her some Garden eggs.



  • How do I energize myself after a stressful day?

What vegetables do to the body is to help avoid many health issues, thereby optimizing the functions of the Nervous system. Garden egg is also a vegetable with a difference. Therefore make it a point of duty to eat Garden Egg after a stressful day.



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Finally Garden Egg is widely very available.  Now you have enough reasons to eat Garden egg, If in any way you have been affected directly or indirectly by this article, feel free to share your experience, contributions or questions about the Garden Egg or any health issues.


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