8 Social Media Platforms to try if you don’t like Facebook

Are you tired of Facebook because family members ; uncles, aunts, even dad, mum grandpa and grandma are now invading your privacy, commenting, giving real likes and ironical reactions on your pictures? Are you looking for new social media platforms to express yourself with a fresh social media experience?

Are you searching for a less popular social media or even a more productive social media? Worry no more. Here is a list of other social media platforms that might suit your personality.



8 Social Media Platforms That Might Be Your Best Facebook Alternative

1. Twitter

This should be your number one on the list. It’s more like one of your best escape root from family members. Twitter’s restless nature will not allow dad, mum, grand mum be able to keep total eyes on your activities. It has lots of activities going on at a time. Twitting and re-twitting.

2. Tumblir

Tumblir is a new age blogging social media platform, it allows you to re-blog other peoples post. This Social media platform isn’t very popular in Africa, but it is widely known in Western countries. You would really love it, if you have flare for reading great stuffs. You don’t really need to be a writer or a blogger.

3. Google+

Most people who have created a gmail account do not even know that automatically they now have a google plus account. This is more like a combination of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Business oriented individuals would love this. Although it might not be as popular as Facebook and Twitter, it is coming up. If you have a gmail, you also have a google plus account.

4. Linkedin

If you are looking for a social media void of gist, gossips and catch ups, then you would like LinkedIn. This is a more professional social media. It is also more productive. This should be the best option for serious minded personalities seeking to connect with like minds for efficiency purpose.

5. Snapchat

Well if you are running away from the oldies not born in the 90’s then, try Snapchat. The pace at which moments are being shared on snapchat is a pace only the millennials and the 90’s babies can keep up with.

6. Instagram

IG (abbreviated form) is no longer as private as it was, all thanks to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Instagram now could be linked to your Facebook account, it is widely dominated by the youngies, and also you could decide who follows you or not without stress. Most importantly you could use the privacy settings and streamline what you want people to see. You could also upload pictures on Instagram using your computer.

7. Pintrest

This social media is all about sharing of interest. It is quite trendy, and a very low key social media.

8. Sarahah

This anonymous user social media is not the kind of social media the elderly ones would like to be a part of. Besides you could send anonymous messages. Sarahah is becoming very popular with it’s anonymous nature.



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Kindly leave a comment for more inquiry on any of these social media platforms or you could also leave suggestions of other awesome social media platforms in our comment box.

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