7 Hurricane Tracker Apps For Smartphones : Emergency Weather Apps

Technology has made things so easy, but ignorance has not allowed most of us to embrace it’s positive sides, rather unlimited exaggerations have been poured out on the negativity of technology.  With the aid of technology, there are lots of hurricane tracker apps for android and iPhone that could help you study the weather, you don’t really need to to wait for  government warnings before you realize that an adverse or dangerous weather is about to hit your area.


Now that the hurricanes have all cued up, patiently waiting for their turn to exhibit its skills, the Zello app undoubtedly dominating. It is a great thing that individuals, and companies are locking heads to produce awesome Hurricane tracker apps for android and iPhone that could come in handy in times of trouble and emergency.

We have life saving tools to help us in tracking storm,  and other adverse situations in our palms, why don’t you share to others and teach them how to use them. You Never can tell how much life you would be saving.

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Here are  interesting Hurricane Tracker apps for android and iPhone you would need during emergencies


7 Hurricane Tracker Apps For Smartphones : Emergency Weather Apps


1. Zello App

Starting with the one aforementioned. Zello app is more than just a chat room. It has a walkie-talkie feature, but you need to be connected to a cellular or wireless network. It is easy to communicate and very efficient during storms.


2. HurricanePro App

This early hurricane-tracking app uses satellite images to give reports, it also could be integrated with your Twitter account. It also contains historical storm data.


3. Snapchat’s Snap Map

This app allow users share their location with friends or even the public. Many documented stories around the Hurricane Harvey were made on the the Snapchat stories of users , which could be assessed on the Snap Maps. This app is a powerful tool not just for teens.



This app provides tips and virtually all information to get you ready for a storm. It also provides tips you could use during, and after the storm. One of it’s features is the weather-related alert from the U.S. National Weather Service. Users upload and share photos which triggers help during emergency. Users could also locate open shelters and where to talk to FEMA personnel at Disaster Recovery Centers.


5. Hurricane Tracker

This is one of the first Hurricane tracking apps, and it is not yet obsolete. Users are provided with detailed storm maps, National Hurricane Center info, threat-level maps, forecast updates, real-time feeds and push alerts. Sometime ago, it was CNN’s best Hurricane Tracking App available for iPhone.


6. Hurricane American Red Cross

This app allows users monitor conditions while gaining plenty information on preparing home, finding shelter, and alerting the public of your status.


7. Gasbuddy

This app isn’t just an app for a particular purpose, it should be a most have app, especially driving into a new zone. It helps users locate gas stations.

“This app update provides gas and power availability tracking for areas impacted by the hurricanes. Users who need to refuel cars, boats and jet skis to aid rescue operations can easily search for stations that have power and fuel. We ask that if you encounter a station with no fuel or no power, please edit the information in the app to assist others who are searching for gas.”



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Feel free to add other useful Hurricane tracker apps for smartphones. Leave a comment below.

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