6 Habits of Happy Couples │Healthy Relationship Tips

6 Habits of Happy Couples │Healthy Relationship TipsVery few high school relationships stand the test of time, why? most of them are ignorant of the habits of happy couples and daily efforts to make their relationship work.

There is nothing so beautiful in a relationship than being with someone whom you love effortlessly without sweating the whole process, but come on, does effortless love really exist? Love doesn’t come easy.

For most people who have decided to leave the life of flings and unserious relationships, it might take some time to net the love of your life. Fortunately for you, if you have met him/her, you wouldn’t just want to sit back without working to make it a lasting one.

Married couples will tell you ” marriage takes work”. Marriage requires an effort deeper than just work, marriage takes more than hard work to make it successful. Therefore any couple desiring more than just a 6 month relationship or even a one year relationship should be willing to inculcate these habits of happy couples.

6 Awesome Habits of Happy Couples / Habits of successful couples

1. Take your time

It is exciting to meet that one person for the first time, and he/she gives you the chill, makes you feel butterflies in your tummy, “awww love at first sight”, it’s an awesome feeling, but, someone you have known for a very long time will proof more effective in a relationship.

Couples who have grown from just being friends into lovers have more bonding, and understanding, they also enjoy a  fortified relationship. Take your time to choose your partner, and when you have chosen, don’t be in a hurry to conclude if you made the right choice. Take your time, find out more details, before and while you are dating.

Healthy Relationship Tips : Do not be too hasty in choosing a partner, always go for someone who values your goals as much as you value theirs.

2. Understanding personalities

6 Habits of Happy Couples │Healthy Relationship TipsDid you ever imagine that bringing two different people from different backgrounds to agree would be easy? Definitely not. However, conscious attempts on meeting at common grounds would go along way in building a fortified relationship, It could be very annoying if you don’t understand the point your partner is driving at.

Most times it just happens, even when you don’t have the intention of driving your partner crazy, bottom line, you were just being yourself. Conscious efforts to understand your partner’s personality is one of the most powerful habits of happy couples.

Effective partners go the extra minds to note certain details , and learn their partners on daily basis. This makes conversations very smooth and they easily agree at a common ground. Learning your partner’s personality will also allow you avoid what pisses them off, know how to complement each other, and stay in peace.

Healthy Relationship Tips : Always remember, no one is perfect, they are just different. When you seek to understand, then you will be understood. Play the role of the fool.

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3. Setting priorities

If you tend to give so much attention to things that do not really matter, then it is time to start setting priorities. This could also include setting priorities over your old buddies. Having an effective / healthy relationship, isn’t like the cinemas,” sit back and observe”. Always think positively for the benefits of the relationship/marriage.

Healthy Relationship Tips : Strike a balance between your long term and short time goals. You need to be purpose driven.

4. Being proactive

Like we all know, being proactive involves taking action. Choosing what and how you respond to your partner ahead of time is key with regards to being proactive. Always restrain yourself from unnecessary criticism and contempt on your partner.

Healthy Relationship Tips : Try answering differently from your regular response. When you consciously choose the way you respond to your partner you achieve growth and mutual benefits in your relationship. Avoid casting aspersions.

5. Forbid lies and cheats

Once you betray the trust of intimacy you have with your partner, you have already started cheating. In other words you can cheat on your partner by getting involved in flirty calls, texts, chats and meetings. You don’t really need to go the extreme of sleeping with another in your relationship.

Cheat begets lies, both of them are interwoven. A loving relationship is built on honesty. A white lie may seem innocent, little and smart at the moment, but once unraveled, a seed of doubt that could sprout into a Mahogany has been planted.

Cheating is just disastrous in any relationship, unless you haven’t decided to be in a serious relationship, then cheating…is still not an option. If you are dating exclusively, then the thoughts of cheating should never creep in. Always let your partner know if you want to date another, or if you are not in for something serious.

Healthy Relationship Tips : Do not cheat!!! Moreover,  if you have developed feelings for another or if you cannot help but have urges for another, do your partner a favor, end the relationship. Cheating is not an option.

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6. Kiss often

The physical bonding of a relationship is very important. Verbals alone will not get you the intimacy you would need for an effective relationship, According to this study by The Washington Post, kissing promotes a closer relationship.

A kiss releases oxytocin in your brain, a chemical that is related to interpersonal bonding. Added bonus? Studies also shows that it relieves stress. Making this as a habit would make you happier to see each other.

However there are lots of other key habits for effective relationship, but however, with these, you could have a good start If you are unsure as to whether you are into an effective relationships, check out for these danger signs :

  • Your guy/girl flirts with others even in your presence
  • You are bored when you are with your partner
  • You have been lied to or you are the one lying
    You or your partner is always seeking for individual goals and interest  instead of practicing team work

If both persons in a relationship aren’t on the same page, then the relationship will probably not last for a long time.

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I guess you have blown-off a couple of  beautiful relationships previously, or you were not able to see the pitfalls on time. Well, it’s never too late to make it right. Next time you find yourself in a relationship, inculcate some of these habits of happy couples, practice awesome communication skills, love, cherish and respect each others feeling.

Make your partner your one and only best friend and…don’t forget to turn that peck into a tender kiss. Work for a long lasting and effective relationship.

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