6 Easy Ways to Make Money Online │ Make Money Online at Home

6 Ways to Make Easy Money Online │ Make Money Online at HomeSo many people are making money online over the internet, some are making it real big while some are still diligently growing their online business strategy and career. Making money online isn’t all about cyber defrauding. There are lots of legitimate easy ways to make money online at the comfort of your home, This could range from making $1 a day to making $100 in a day.

All you need is a computer, internet service and being creative. This article has highlighted few easy ways to make money online. Read on, you never can tell this information might be the beginning of your financial breakthrough. We are grateful to technology for permeating into almost every aspect of our lives, creating more avenue for extra income.

Easy Ways to Make Money Online

1. Freelance

Freelance has many aspect and areas, you need to find the sector you have the technical-know-how (it is all about selling your skill). Freelance jobs could range from web-designing, to writing. You could actually start
selling your skill on social media.

Someone might be wondering “I am neither a good writer nor a web designer, I don’t think this is for me”, that is where you get it all wrong. Skills can be acquired get interested in a skill, learn it and let it generate income for you.


2. Blogging

Blogging could be defined as any activity performed on a blog. A blog on the other hand could as well be defined as a site where a blogger frequently updates readers with regular posts, which now brings us to the definition of a blogger.

This person is the person who know one or two things about the act of blogging, who regularly blogs (Frequently updates readers with articles in a blog), and could also be the owner of a blog. It’s amazing how all the definitions relate and influence each other.

So many blogs are making up to $100 while so many blogs are being dumped on the internet on daily basis. However, with meaningful, regular updates, you could win your self regular readers, which would make you eligible
to monetize your blog. To achieve this you need to know your target audience, and stick to your regular posts. You will be able to gain a reasonable readership base.

Asides from that, as your blog grows, you become more likely be approached by big companies and brands seeking to advertise their products and services. At this moment you are free to charge them using your discretion.


3. Carrying out Tasks (make money with surveys)

Completing a particular company or site’s task could earn you $50 to $100 monthly. This is a smart and one of the easy ways to make money online. There are lots of surveying sites. Look them up on the internet by typing “paid survey sites”.

For more income and to increase you earning chances, feel free to sign up to as many as survey sites you could handle. Register with an email to get started. (Click here to sign-up for yahoo account or gmail account).

  • A survey may take about 45 minutes and could wort between $1-$3.
  • However it is good to note that, you do not need to make payments to participate in surveys.


This could also be a task performed to earn extra cash online. You already know what the internet is all about. The library of information contained on the internet is still insufficient for daily readers. What are you waiting for? Start writing. Try out Zerys site, they specialize in bidding out writing jobs. This could range between $0.1 to $0.10 per word. The more you write and write well the money you make.


4. Talents

Everyone is blessed with talent(s) and we have been blessed with the ability to develop talents. Talent is one of the daily consumables being sort on the internet. No matter what your talent is, let the whole world see it. Are you talented in audio or film editing? Are you an awesome graphic designer? Is programming what you were born to do or making mobile app?


What about singing, or dancing or even playing a musical instrument? Are you a comedian? come on do not waste your talent no matter how unpopular you feel it is. Don’t feel you are not yet good at what you do, trust me, you could only get better.

All you need to do is sign up to any of the social media be it Facebook or Twitter. You could get contacted. Social media business is trending, don’t miss out on this opportunity. Make your profile picture professional to attract the right people.


5. Affiliate Marketing

If you have a strong web presence you could become an affiliate marketer to generate income. This is a more advance method of making money but all the same, it’s all about easy ways to make money online. With so many products online, you could get commission for marketing and promoting products.

6 Easy Ways to Make Money Online │ Make Money Online at Home


Consider sites like clickbank.com or amazon.com to market products and services. You could also market your friends talent online. Moreover, you still need a website (Websites could be bought so do not be scared), but you will need to still work on it.


6. Tutor Students

With the advanced method of technology, most parents and families prefer the flexibility and convenience of
using an online tutor. This could range from tutoring kids to adults. You will also need a computer and a high speed internet connection.

Although some companies would require online tutors with strong educational background, experience and skills could also work for you, other wise a college degree will do.

  • Companies will assign students to you, or your profile could attract private individuals.
  • Online tutors make between $9-$30 per hour based on qualification and online subject.

Some sites that hire elementary level tutors Tutor.com, HomeworkHelp.com,  etc.

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