6 Car Maintenance Tips : How to Maintain a Car for Dummies

A well maintained Car is a sight to behold. It isn’t out of place to admire either a brand new car or a well maintained. It actually takes a lot to maintain a car. The problem isn’t buying a car, anyone who is determined to buy a car will surely get one, but the problem lies on the car maintenance. You want to learn how to maintain a car?

Car Maintenance is both costly and time-consuming, but if you really want to keep your car on the road, then you should definitely think of maintaining your car. Car maintenance isn’t fairy tale activities such as; sprinkling of fairy pixie dusts and using some kind of super water for the interior. Learn how to maintain a car to last longer years running perfectly.



Car Maintenance  Tips : : Learn How to Maintain a Car to last many years


Car Maintenance : 6 Powerful tips for Car Owners

The Motor oil plays a very important role in a car’s performance. It reduces the frictional movements in the car’s mechanism to reduce wear and tear. The car’s oil should be changed entirely on routine. Book your appointment with your mechanic. The oil also emits heat from the combustion circle and sends it to the oil filter. Always make sure you check your oil level before moving the car that is why a car would go Kaput.

Do not move if it is at the minimal gauge. All you need to do is take out the oil gauge, and clean with a neat material and insert it back. If the car has been running then you need to wait for about 3 minutes for the oil to settle but, if this is the first thing you are doing for the day or of the car has settled for quite some time, then just go ahead pull out the gauge and observe. Make sure it isn’t at the shortage calibration.


2. Tires

These too should be checked frequently for inflation and tread depth. Under inflated tires tend to wear off quickly resulting to changes, and they could also negatively impact safety, gas mileage and performance. Do not be so much in a hurry to take off; take your time. It would save you your life and your wallet.


3. Cautious Driving

Most times new car owners subconsciously drive very carefully especially, if they bought a car of their dream or if they had to save for long before buying the car, or for any other reason (s) but as time goes by (after they must have experienced scratches bumps, hits and road tussle for Power), they tend to remove that cautious courtesy.

If you really want to maintain the exterior of your car, then you should consider driving very carefully and make it a part of you. Don’t mind those yelling at you “Speed up” or “Move this Car”. You know what you are doing, you are no fool. Better still don’t be too slow or too callous. Just be Normal and drive reasonably.




I think this should have even been the first on the list because of its dual function (Value and Safety). Washing a Car seems to be for appealing the eye, but washing your car regularly isn’t about having a sense of cleanliness. It has lots of role it plays in maintaining your cars function-ability.

Cars are subjected to, mud, sand, sun, grease acid raid, dead bugs, bird poops, snow etc. These wear your paints off. After the paints the next target, is the metal of the car. Gradually your car starts corroding. Secondly, you never can tell the amount of mud your wheels have packed until you wash.

If you don’t attend to these it might lead to clogging of your wheels, which would affect the brake pads somehow, directly or indirectly. So asides from safety precaution, you need to maintain the car and give it a re-sell-able value. Do not forget to detail your car.


 Additional Car Maintenance Information_ *How to detail your Car:

  • Thoroughly vacuum the interior of your car, treat stains with carpet and upholstery cleaner.
  • Clean and treat interior plastic and vinyl with protectant.
  • Use glass cleaner and news papers to clean the glasses.
  • Clean inside door-jambs with multipurpose cleaner and wipe.
  • Treat black trim with protectant if car has chrome or aluminium trim or wheels polish.
  • Clay  your car with detailing clay to remove bonded surface contamination, like brake dust.
  • Moisten the clay with a cleaner and apply it to cars surface. Apply wax on one small area of the car at a time until you cover the entire car. Allow to dry for 20-30 minutes, buff the wax off gently with a  cotton towel or a power polisher.

Avoid using the interior of a car as a garbage. or your wardrobe or office, you never know who your next passenger would be.

Car Maintenance : 6 Powerful tips for Car Owners


5. Brakes

Finally BRAKES…the most crucial of them, the “Stop” command. Most Brand new brake pads actually don’t need a break- in- procedure. So if you just bought a new Car, avoid high speed stops and dragging brakes. Meanwhile for those with older vehicles be vigilant about how your brake works, if you continue to get a metallic collision sound when you apply brake, drive down to the mechanics (unless you have an idea of how to change brake pads).

Always check the floor below your engine for oil leakage, You might have a leakage in the Brake compartment (Brake Fluids).


6. Servicing Schedule

“My car doesn’t give me any problem yet I would have to go to a mechanics garage only when I don’t have any other option”, No!!! my dear, where did you learn that from? Your car has to be serviced routinely. this proactive initiative will help keep your car running efficiently and will help avoid more expensive down the road repairs.


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  1. The author has mentioned almost all the useful tips to keep your car in a perfect driving condition. Keep a track on the brake oil to replace it before it starts corroding the braking system as it absorbs water. Also check the battery’s fluid level at regular intervals and refill it to maintain the proper level. Otherwise you may get starting problems in the car.

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