5 Easy Registration Steps – Corporate Affairs Commission

cac Business RegistrationBusiness/ Company registration in Nigeria has become a nightmare to up and coming entrepreneurs and company owners. The Corporate Affairs Commission is the body in charge of registering businesses in Nigeria. In the past, the registration process could be quite stressful and tedious.

It is now a very big relieve and a very wonderful thing to know that businesses could be registered in just two weeks. Isn’t that amazing. In the past, it could take two to three months to conduct name availability search while incorporating a business.


This change came about after the Acting President Yemi Osinbajo signed some executive orders on the ease of doing business and Corporate Affairs Commission. CAC decided to end manual registration in Lagos, Enugu, Kano, Abuja and Kaduna.


Olajire a chattered secretary said “If you register and enclose all the necessary documents, pay stamp duty and CAC fees online, the certificate should be out within two and half weeks.”

Here are the 5 Simple Business Registration Steps (Corporate Affairs Commission)


  1. Visit  CAC website or  Corporate Affairs website
  2. Complete The Online Registration Form


    To achieve this, you will have to click on the forms , then select application for registration. Fill in details about intended business,the details of the proprietors, directors and jurisdiction of the business.



  3. Upload All The Necessary Documents

    These includes means of identification, utility bill, passport photographs, etc.

  4. Payment

    The payment for the business registration services can be made with your debit card. Some of the things paid for include stamp duty and other CAC incorporation fees.

  5. Submission

    After you have made payment, print the completed the form for the proprietors and directors to sign scan the signed form and submit back to CAC.

If this innovation will be made accessible to all in need of business registration and if it gradually circulates to  other parts of the country, it would be a very big boost to the economy of the Country.

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