4 Relationship Advice for Women and Men

Relationship Advice for WomenTaking the big leap from dating to starting something serious is an exciting deal. It is also a big deal. Why? Because things are about getting serious, and things are getting narrowed down. You could get lots of relationship advice for women or men, but all the same, what works for you might not work for another.

Even though you feel that the time has come to take the big step, there are still somethings you need to know about your partner. Since you’re not perfect, there are things you need to know and share. Now is the time to be very honest and plain in your relationship.

If your partner is very understanding, then feel free to share your ex’s experience. But i strongly advice against that. Here are some relationship advice for women and men before taking the big step.

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Relationship advice for women and men before getting serious

1. Is the attraction mutual?


This is a very key factor, you should find out if your partner loves what you love. He/she mustn’t be passionate about what you love, but there should be a room to accommodate what you love and cherish. Please, do not compromise this factor. It’s OK to put your partner to test. You could also find time alone to see how they react in private.


2. Where do you want to take this to?


This time there should be a very high level of honesty. It is quite unfortunate that two people could be dating for two different reasons: the guy could be dating just for fun, while the girl could really be serious about the whole thing. Very devastating!!! You just have to be on the same page; it is either one person steps up the game, or the other steps down. If not, just try to settle amicably.


3. Talking it through


Communication is key. I know this isn’t easy. You just have to be ready this time to talk about everything…like I mean everything. This is very difficult but you need to let your real self show.


4. Lifestyles


Now that you have been with this person for a long time, you should know if your lifestyle fits with your partner’s. Even if you want to compromise this factor, make sure it is something you could cope with. Don’t forget it might lead to “for better for worse“.


These relationship advice for women still applies for men but most importantly, note that you are your best adviser, follow your heart and take full responsibilities of your decision.


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    1. Yes Indeed Josy EBONY… one has to be matured enough to sacrifice their happiness for the other. But most importantly one has to be careful with selection and look out for compatibility before getting serious. You have to STOOP TO CONQUER. Moreover it’s a

      fool’s game and only fools win.

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