4 Major Things Graduates Must Consider in Their First Interview │Fresh Graduates

The jamboree days of the higher institutions are over, reality is beginning to dawn on you, responsibility is crashing down with the speed of light, people are beginning to look up to you. Now, you can tell that there is a very big disparity between the fantasy world where dream of classy jobs and the real world where you need to go get the jobs yourself. This is why you need to know the major things graduates must consider in their first interview, for their first job.


Of course you know that newzified.com and lots of other job platforms that could land you your first job interview. Where do you go from there? You have written a job winning CV, congrats your CV has secured you an opportunity for an interview, therefore you should know the major things graduates must consider in their first interview.


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Meanwhile interviews differ, this is going to be a whole lot different from the ones you had when you were going for internships or industrial experience, or even student jobs. This is going to be a lifetime career. You need to prepare exceptionally for this.  Newzified has prepared some of the major things graduates should consider in their first interview so as to record success in one shot.

4 Major Things Graduates Must Consider in Their First Interview │Fresh Graduates


Major Things Graduates Must Consider in Their First Interview


1. Listen first, answer only asked

Most professional Human Resource personnel take it upon themselves to talk about the company and their modus operandi for about say 5 minutes. They even give deliberate pause to evaluate your attention. Your first interview could be a little bit nervous and at the same time exciting, but, you need to stay on top of your game, build up confidence and your self esteem.

It is not necessary to cheap in comments or questions at any slightest pause you observe from the HR personnel. He might see it as a sign of distraction. We know you want to job so badly, but you need to play with the rules. There is a probability you might interrupt him, and miss the point he is about to make.

It is very important you pay close attention and pick salient points about the company. This could be a very handy tool if you are able to fashion an answer with the points made. They love it when you do that.



2. Memorize your Job description

One of the most common questions being asked in a job interview is, “how does your personality, or course of study relate to this job? This question is indirectly asking a fresh graduate, what is your job description? Can you be able to do this job?

Now, you are going for your first interview, you need to prepare 100%. Leave no stone un-turned. Your job description MUST be memorized, as well as other important facts about your job. While preparing for other interview questions make sure to go through the adverts placed about your job position.

They have a reason for putting it up for interested candidates. You need to prove you are the best man for the position. Do not forget to communicate the best way you can. No need to showcase unnecessary intelligence. Be smart.



3. Emphasizing on your benefits

I don’t really know if there is a reputable company that doesn’t have a stipulated range of payment for experienced and inexperienced employees. Most times they could cheap in some questions to know if you are really passionate about the job.

Yes…one of the main purpose of looking for a job is to start making a good salary and other wonderful benefits that comes with the position. However, the company is not hiring you because they have lot of money to throw away. They are looking for potentials that would take their companies to greater heights.

Answers like this could make the HR personnel pick interest in you :” I am well informed that, there are … amount for starters and … benefits for … position, moreover I am more intended in performing my … job and obligation.



4. Priding in your degree achievements

A+ students always have this issue about being certain of a particular position because of their nice grades. The HR personnel might have graduated with a degree lower than what you are presenting. So do not rub it in. Find away to escape bragging about your degree achievements.

Instead of emphasizing on your college/university achievements, link your achievements to the success of the company. We all know that good grades comes with hard work. You need to assure them of your commitment, hard-work an loyalty in carrying out your job when hired.


Now you know the Major Things Graduates Must Consider in Their First Interview. GO GET THAT JOB!!!


Good-luck with your first interview


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