2019 Presidential Election: Arewa Youths Support Igbo Presidency In 2019

2019 Presidential Election: Arewa Youths Support Igbo Presidency In 2019As the 2019 Presidential election draws closer, the quest to seek the appropriate leader for Nigeria has already begun. With the posters of the incumbent President of Nigeria Mohammadu Buhari seen in strategic places,  groups and individuals are seeking out for other suitable run mates.

The youths from the Northern region have declared to support the Southeast region to deliver to Nigeria an Igbo president in the forth coming 2019 Presidential election. In their own point of view, Igbo presidency will soften the Biafra Agitation.

This declaration took place somewhere in the eastern part of Nigeria, Arondizuogu in Imo State. The groups involved in the declaration are; Arewa Youth Forum, Arewa Youths Coalition for Peace, Northern Central Club and the Youths for one Nigeria.

Alhaji Haruna Waziri, who was the spokesperson of Northern group at summit made it clear on their stand with the move to produce an Igbo President. Waziri declared their staunch support for the convener of the youth summit, in the person of Mr. Iheanachor Ezeakor, and endorsed him for the 2019 presidential election.

Alhaji Haruna Waziri believes and Igbo presidency is the best thing that will happen to Nigeria as it would assist in promoting peace and unity of the country.

He believes that an Igbo youth in power will make a positive change in the Nigerian History of politics.

“Today we are making history by endorsing a youth to run for the number one sit in Nigeria. Mr. Iheanachor Ezeakor is a youth who has cut the barriers of ethnicity and religion, a youth the Northern youths believe in, a youth who is a true Nigerian”, he said.

He portrayed Ezeakor as a detribalized Nigerian who will stand in favour of no ethnicity or religion. Thereby making Nigeria a peaceful place to practice any religion of any sort in peace.

“Victory will not only quench the agitation for Biafra but would further unite Nigerians, bring us together, whether you are from the South or the North; if you are a Nigerian, you are a Nigerian and you can practice your religion everywhere, that is what we want.”

However, Ezeakor who accepted to run for 2019 Presidential election in Nigeria said he will not run under the platform of APC or PDP. He described these parties as “parties for old men”. Moreover, he has promised to keep Nigerians posted on the party to vie for presidency.

“So, I’m just acting as the catalyst, to motivate the youths; we are not fighting the government but we want them to understand that we have come of age. “My own as the convener of Nigerian Youth Summit is to make sure that things will not remain the same because we can’t continue with the arrangement that youths are the leaders of the tomorrow.”

Will IPOB members agree to this step in the right direction? What is your own take on the 2019 Presidential Election. Join the discussion.

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