200,000 to Face Deportation In U.S: Trump Ends Immigration Protection

About 200,000 people who have been living in the United States since 2001 (Salvadorans) have been forced to leave the country, following the announcement by officials on Monday. This is as a result of the Trump administration’s current change of years of immigration policies.

The Salvadorans who have been granted TPS other wise known as the Temporary Protected Status after series of earthquakes in the country have been stripped-off this protection. Salvadorans have been given until September 9, 2019 to flee the United States,  find a legal means of obtaining residency or face arrest and deportation.

“Only Congress can legislate a permanent solution addressing the lack of an enduring lawful immigration status of those currently protected by TPS who have lived and worked in the United States for many years,” the announcement states. “The 18-month delayed termination will allow Congress time to craft a potential legislative solution.”

Could this decision be a part of the Trump’s administration’s goal of expelling illegal immigrants while reducing legal immigration to the United States?

The TPS decision could be a consequential and historic decision considering the number of people involved, 200,000. Incredible!!! The 200,000 Salvadorans are the parents of an estimation of about 190,000 U.S born children of which one third of them are homeowners.

Ms. Lagunas who out of frustration has sworn to remain in the United States illegally, thereby increasing her vulnerability to arrest and possible deportation. She said in Spanish, “There is nothing to go back to in El Salvador,The infrastructure may be better now, but the country is in no condition to receive us.”

Mr. Jiron of 41 years old has this to say, “We have built a life here”. Carlos Jiron who has won series of big jobs which includes to paint federal buildings in the Washington area seems not to find this very appealing. He lives with his wife and two-american born children.

He is left with options of; taking his children back to Salvador, where he assumes they would not maximize their potentials and even face safety threats, allow them to stay in the custody of guardians in the states, or remain in the country and dance to the bitter tune of arrest and deportation.

200,000 to Face Deportation In U.S: Trump Ends Immigration Protection

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