10 Reading Skills You Overlooked- Make Reading Exciting

Some group of people would agree with me that reading can never be pleasurable, reading is boring, tiring and meant for academics and Exams only. Nevertheless, do not forget, that success in life doesn’t come in a brisk, neither is it by luck, it is been earned through tireless hard work. The most successful people in academics, sports, business, etc have one thing in common. It isn’t high IQ, or is it a well to family upbringing , or they have a spring of luck running in their life, but their love for reading. Books were their most profitable investment. They also had powerful reading skills.


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You don’t even need to be very smart or very intelligent, but if you cultivate the learning culture, you are sure to make it in life. You don’t have to sit on your old knowledge, there is always something new to learn. Just as the human body needs exercise for a healthy body, the human brain also wants to be exercised. Give in 10 minutes of your time to reading something.



The process of learning never stops, don’t be too lazy, you could squeeze out few minutes before you go to bed and read something, that would make you go to bed a lot wiser than you woke. it has been recorded that Bill gates, the richest man in the world reads about 50 books a year (Nonfiction), even with his massive world of wealth and meetings, he still makes out time to read.


10 Reading Skills that will make Reading Exciting and less Boring



The bullied Child in South Africa Elon Musk reportedly learnt how to build rockets just by reading books. His favorites were fantasy and science-fiction, that inspired him to what he is today. Do you remember back then in 2015,  Mark Zuckerbaerg invited the whole world to join him on his quest to read a book every two weeks.  Are you reading for exams, pleasure, research or for any other purpose,  here are some reading skills that will make reading less boring and exciting.



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10 Reading Skills For All Ages


1. Say it out loud


Your body has to know you want to read, if this is hard for you, practically talk to yourself in the mirror by informing yourself it is time to read, say it out loud, but not too loud. (Communicate to your self the best way you can).



2. Action


Find something to read be it article, short story, journal, novel, magazine, newspaper, school stuffs (for those still in school), anything. You can’t read without getting a material. Just get something.



3. Interest


We know most people aren’t used to reading, therefore, look for things that interests you. This would make you stay longer.



4. Concentration


The highest distraction of our recent day is your mobile phone. Keep your mobile phone far from you and in silence mood, find a place void of distraction, and give it quality time. Get back to your phone. Reading is sacred.



5. Nice Start


Begin your reading by glancing through the pictures or listening to cool meaningful music to put you in the mood. Don’t forget, meaningful music. Don’t go for music that will make you think to the lyrics.



6. Inquisitive style


Go through the titles and have an overview of what to get in it, now read carefully with these questions in mind, Why what who when and where_ the five Ws.



7. Getting bored


Read as much as you are able, once you start getting bored or uncomfortable, it is time to take a break. Close up, take a walk. If you come back and still feel uncomfortable then it is time to pack-up for the day. Repeat the actions another day.



8. Souvenir


Try to memorize something be it a line or two, that’s your souvenir, an evidence that you that you learnt something new. Very important. Don’t read through, give your brain a task.



9. Re-read


It is OK to re-read if you didn’t understand the first time, your brain is just trying to get used to it




10. Challenge


Try to do this regularly. Set book challenges with loved ones. It’s good to have friends who would love to try out new Project(s) with you.



Meanwhile ask yourself these question, what kind of people do you keep around you?  Don’t forget that the people around you will always influence your personality. Lazy people would say reading is meant for students…oh yes!!! Agreed, the fact remains that once you are in this world you still remain a student. So when last did you read a book and how many books have you read from last year till date.



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Was this article helpful? Which of the reading skills have you been using.

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